Gather your friends
Choose a game
Test their wits
Share their silly reactions

Imagine a Zoom with built-in games and other fun stuff.

Office video conferencing is boring, so we strive to make a video gathering space that has all the games, tools and customization for gamers.

It will be party central, a site for you and your friends to goof out and have a good time. We all want to be a kid again once in a while.

Stay tuned!

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How it works

Create your room
Invite your friends with a link

Choose a game!

Drag and drop panels to any location

Find your arrangement!

Create filters and effects for your webcam...
for the extra drama!

Record, save, and share!
Share screenshots, GIFs to mobile and social media
or the entire video direct to YouTube

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Multipool is currently in development.
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